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Empowering Care Beyond Placement: Your Bespoke Healthcare Partner

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Our Mission

To transform the process of staffing and recruitment by creating a platform where talents meet opportunities.

Our Vision

To ensure continuity of care by providing compassionate and competent healthcare workforce to various healthcare organizations.

Our Focus

We are dedicated to deeply understanding the unique requirements of healthcare organizations and delivering tailored staffing solutions designed to address the specific needs with precision and expertise.

Our Strategy

Our strategy centers on leveraging innovative staffing approaches within the healthcare sector, utilizing unconventional methods to efficiently tackle staffing challenges while maintaining a cost-effective framework. By exploring non-traditional talent pools and embracing technological advancements, we aim to optimize resource allocation and deliver high-quality staffing solutions that meet diverse healthcare demands without compromising affordability.

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Associate with us

We prioritize understanding our clients' unique needs and industry intricacies, enabling us to deliver tailored staffing solutions. Our extensive network and refined selection process ensure access to top-tier talent, swiftly meeting staffing requirements while maintaining quality. With a track record of reliability and a reputation for transparent communication, we stand out as a trusted partner. Our adaptability, technology integration, and cost-effectiveness further underscore why clients consistently choose us for their staffing needs.

Join our Team

We prioritize a supportive and inclusive work culture that values individual contributions and fosters career development. Our commitment to matching the right talent with the right opportunities ensures meaningful and fulfilling placements. We offer a diverse range of positions across various healthcare settings, providing options that align with their skills and aspirations. Additionally, our focus on work-life balance, competitive benefits, and continuous learning opportunities sets us apart as an employer of choice within the staffing industry.


Karen Doucette, DOC

"I can only say good things about the company.  From assessing our needs to helping fill the gaps Zuriel offers professional and prompt service.  The staff provided have been great nurses which helps us to provide quality resident care.  I feel that I can reach out at any time, and appreciate the check ins for our needs."

Ryan Augustin, RN

"This was actually my first nursing opportunity as a new grad and I'm very happy that Zuriel is the agency that contacted me, I would even say blessed. As an agency RN, there are definitely times in which you may not feel supported, overworked, unheard, ill-accommodated for; the list is long. Genuinely, I had never felt that way once while working with this agency. I have recommended it time and time again to many of my fellow RN's looking for agency work, please give them a chance you will not regret it."

Steve Moses, RN

"It’s quite amazing to work with a team who you can call it as a super crew. I work with so many amazing knowledgeable staffs from this agency and my experience was great. Zuriel support our facility with staffing. The compassion, teamwork, critical thinking, efficiency and dedication I have seen from these staffs gave me great confidence to trust and rely on this team as a nurse supervisor. Truly makes our residents life so much filled with love and respect they all deserve. The knowledge, skills and techniques they acquired from previous work experience are utilized at the best."

Babitha Blesson, RN

"Zuriel Health is one of the best health care agencies to work. All team members are supportive. Flexible shifts to choose ahead of time according to our schedule and a decent pay scale .They will make sure you received enough orientation before you start by your own schedule eventhough this job is through agency. I would always recommend this agency to the person who is looking for a best agency to work."

Christian Roy, CCA

"Zuriel is the perfect Healthcare staffing Agency. They are very quick to respond to any inquiries and messages. They are also very flexible and understanding to the availability of the staff."

Commercial Partners

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