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Zuriel is making strategic partnerships and helping organizations to deliver quality care with our award winning team of professionals.


We prioritize personalized guidance and coaching tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We offer comprehensive support by understanding their distinct requirements, providing targeted coaching strategies, and guiding them through the complexities of staffing solutions. Whether it's optimizing workforce management, embracing unconventional staffing methods, or navigating industry challenges, our tailored guidance ensures our clients achieve optimal staffing outcomes aligned with their unique objectives. We also specialize in permanent recruitment of professionals and provide temporary staffing services to cater to diverse staffing needs. 

Permanent Recruitment Services:

We are known for our comprehensive permanent recruitment services. Our approach involves a meticulous process designed to match qualified candidates with employers for long-term positions. Our services typically include:

  1. Client Consultation: Understanding the client's specific needs, company culture, and job requirements to create a tailored recruitment strategy.

  2. Candidate Sourcing: Utilizing various channels to identify potential candidates, including job boards, professional networks, and their own candidate database.

  3. Screening and Assessment: Conducting thorough interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to ensure candidates' qualifications and compatibility with the role and organization.

  4. Presentation of Candidates: Presenting shortlisted candidates to the client, often providing detailed profiles outlining skills, experience, and suitability for the position.

  5. Interview Coordination: Facilitating the interview process between clients and candidates, offering support and guidance throughout.

  6. Offer Negotiation and Placement: Assisting in negotiations, providing market insights, and facilitating the job offer process.

  7. Follow-Up and Support: Offering post-placement support to ensure a smooth transition for the candidate and ongoing satisfaction for the client.


Temporary Staffing Services:

We extend our services beyond permanent placements to include temporary staffing solutions. Our temporary staffing services typically encompass:

  1. Flexible Workforce Solutions: We assist companies in filling short-term or seasonal roles, providing temporary staff to meet fluctuating workloads or specific project needs.

  2. Quick Turnaround: With a robust candidate pool and efficient processes, we can rapidly source and place qualified temporary personnel based on client requirements.

  3. Varied Industry Support: Zuriel caters to diverse healthcare sectors offering temporary staff to hospitals, long term care homes, correctional centres, and more.

  4. Compliance and Support: Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations, Zuriel handles payroll, benefits, and administrative tasks related to temporary placements.

  5. Replacement and Cover: Temporary staffing can also serve as a stop-gap measure for unexpected employee absences, providing cover until a permanent replacement is found.

  6. Scalability: Zuriel’s temporary staffing services allow businesses to scale their workforce up or down quickly in response to changing demands without the long-term commitment of permanent hires.

  7. Quality Assurance: Despite the temporary nature of placements, Zuriel maintains a commitment to matching skilled individuals with suitable roles, enhancing client satisfaction.

The array of sectors and work environments we actively engage with

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